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On the Radar brings you the latest news about ESC CardioMed. All chapters in ESC CardioMed are undergoing review on a regular basis. ESC CardioMed content will be updated 3 times a year, and in each update latest trials, research, and guidelines information is incorporated into the relevant chapters.

Below we list the first chapters that have been updated by the authors and those that have been reviewed but are considered current at the date specified. Additional news featured in 'On the Radar' will be integrated into the relevant chapter of the full text at the earliest opportunity, bringing you an up-to-date, reliable resource.

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New Titles

Chapter 8.10 - Electrocardiographic abnormalities associated with electrolyte imbalance and drugs


Chapter 8.11 - Basic information about Osborn wave and epsilon wave


Chapter 8.12 - The morphology rSr′ in lead V1: description of normal and abnormal patterns


Chapter 8.13 - Inverted T waves in V1 and V2 leads


Chapter 8.14 - Electrocardiographic changes in coronary spasm, syndrome X, and Takotsubo syndrome


Chapter 8.15 - Brugada phenocopy: how to diagnose and manage this new entity


Chapter 8.16 - The last and inconstant wave of the electrocardiogram: the U wave


Chapter 8.17 - Exercise ECG testing


Chapter 8.18 - New techniques for ECG monitoring


Chapter 28.9 - Treatment of COVID-19 in adults (September 2020)


Updated Titles

Chapter 41.30 - Atrial fibrillation after cardiopulmonary surgery


Chapter 58.3 - Decision-making and Heart Teams in valvular heart disease: the transcatheter aortic valve implantation team model