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The Mayo Clinic Scientific Press series compiles essential information and preparatory materials from Mayo Clinic clinicians. They are an invaluable resource for residents, fellows, and practicing clinicians to undertake the self-testing necessary to prepare for, and pass, the Boards and remain up-to-date. From the rare to the commonplace, you’ll find it within the pages of these comprehensive guides. Now available as part of Oxford Medicine Online, the Mayo Clinic Toolkit contains full-text titles and a bank of 3,000 multiple-choice questions.


  • Quick and easy access to the full-text, images, and figures from high quality Mayo Clinic Scientific Press content
  • Instructional videos of applied concepts to exemplify procedures and provide visual learning aides
  • High-quality illustrations including medical imaging, drawings, and color-indexing for navigation
  • Online-only features include self-testing functionality - over 3,000 multiple choice questions help users to monitor their progress and prepare for the Board Exams
  • Links to references and further reading via PubMed, ISI, CrossRef, and the Oxford Index
  • Images and figures can be downloaded to PowerPoint—perfect for giving presentations
  • The Mayo Clinic Toolkit self-testing functionality ensures that students can test their knowledge and receive the practice they need to pass.

Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review, 12th Edition, is now available to purchase and access online. Learn more.

Contains full-text titles and a bank of 3,000 multiple-choice questions, and provides essential self-testing functionality, necessary to prepare for and pass the Board Exams. Start now.

The Mayo Clinic Scientific Press series contains over 20 titles. Download a full list here (opens as PDF).

Find out how to get access to Mayo Clinic Scientific Press online, or browse the series in print.