About ESC CardioMed

A new, ground-breaking digital product, ESC CardioMed, is now available on Oxford Medicine Online, published in partnership with the European Society of Cardiology. 

ESC CardioMed is a vast, encyclopaedic online resource with a wealth of in-depth, peer-reviewed articles, spanning the full spectrum of cardiovascular medicine. It will enrich reference publishing in this specialty, connecting the cardiology community with a digital, forward-thinking resource that enables practitioners to quickly locate authoritative, up-to-date treatments of all aspects of cardiology. 

How can I get access to ESC CardioMed?
If you are a Fellow or Professional Member of the ESC, you will have access to ESC CardioMed as a membership benefit. Individual subscriptions can be purchased via the Oxford University Press website . ESC CardioMed is also available on subscription to institutions. You can recommend ESC CardioMed to your librarian using this form.

Listen to the General Editors of ESC CardioMed discuss the reasons behind the digital version, and the benefits it offers: