Doody's Core Titles

The 2020 edition of Doody's Core Title List is an essential collection development tool for medical libraries and institutions. The list below covers a range of medical specialities and subspecialties, from oncology to infectious diseases to psychiatry to anaesthesia, as well as many others.

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50 Studies Every Intensivist Should Know

Advanced Practice Palliative Nursing

Assessment and Staging of Care for People with Dementia: The IDEAL Schedule and Its User Manual

Bone Dysplasias: An Atlas of Genetic Disorders of Skeletal Development, 4th Edition

Cancer-related Breakthrough Pain, 3rd Edition

CDC Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel **Essential Purchase**

Cicely Saunders: A Life and Legacy

Complications after Gastrointestinal Surgery

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, 2nd Edition

Critical Thinking in Clinical Research: Applied Theory and Practice Using Case Studies

Doing Right: A Practical Guide to Ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians, 4th Edition

Emergencies in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Environmental Health Science: Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Chemical Health Hazards, 2nd Edition

Epidemiological Studies: A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition

Epidemiology by Design: A Causal Approach to the Health Sciences

Epstein's Inborn Errors of Development: The Molecular Basis of Clinical Disorders of Morphogenesis, 3rd Edition

Error and Uncertainty in Diagnostic Radiology

Ethical Issues in Womens Healthcare: Practice and Policy

Ethics in Palliative Care: A Complete Guide **Essential Purchase**

Eye Movement Disorders

Focused Intensive Care Ultrasound

Frontotemporal Dementia

Gardner and Sutherland's Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling, 5th Edition **Essential Purchase**

Goodwin and Guze's Psychiatric Diagnosis, 7th Edition

Gorlin's Syndromes of the Head and Neck, 5th Edition

Handbook of Pediatric Infection Prevention and Control

Integrative Pain Management

Integrative Women's Health, 2nd Edition

Interpreting Epidemiologic Evidence: Connecting Research to Applications, 2nd Edition

Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry

Mayo Clinic Cardiology: Concise Textbook, 4th Edition

Mayo Clinic Essential Neurology, 2nd Edition

Mayo Clinic Medical Neurosciences: Organized by Neurologic Systems and Levels, 6th Edition

McWhinney's Textbook of Family Medicine, 4th Edition

Mechanical Ventilation: Physiology and Practice, 2nd Edition **Essential Purchase**

Neurobiology of Mental Illness, 4th Edition 

Neurologic Complications of Critical Illness, 3rd Edition

Neurology for the Hospitalist: A Practical Approach

Occupational and Environmental Health: Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury, 7th Edition **Essential Purchase**

Oxford Desk Reference Clinical Genetics and Genomics, 2nd edition **Essential Purchase**

Oxford Desk Reference: Endocrinology

Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, 2nd edition **Essential Purchase**

Oxford Textbook of Communication in Oncology and Palliative Care, 2nd Edition

Oxford Textbook of Critical Care, 2nd Edition

Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine, 3rd Edition

Oxford Textbook of Medicine - 4 Volume Set, 6th Edition **Essential Purchase**

Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health: The Role of Nature in Improving the Health of a Population

Oxford Textbook of Neurocritical Care

Oxford Textbook of Oncology, 3rd edition

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing, 5th Edition **Essential Purchase**

Palliative Care for Older People: A Public Health Perspective

Pediatric and Adult Nutrition in Chronic Diseases, Developmental Disabilities, and Hereditary Metabolic Disorders: Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment, 3rd Edition

Pharmacology for Pharmacy and the Health Sciences: A Patient-Centered Appraoch, 2nd edition

Presenting Medical Statistics: From Proposal to Publication: A Step-by-step Guide, 2nd edition 

Preventing Hospital Infections: Real-World Problems, Realistic Solutions

Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology, 2nd Edition

Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient, 3rd Edition 

Psychiatric Ethics, 4th Edition 

Psycho-Oncology, 3rd Edition 

Psychosocial Palliative Care

Social Epidemiology, 2nd edition **Essential Purchase**

Social Injustice and Public Health, 3rd Edition **Essential Purchase**

Still Not Safe: Patient Safety and the Middle-Managing of American Medicine **Essential Purchase**

Surgical Palliative Care **Essential Purchase**

The American Society of Addiction Medicine Handbook on Pain and Addiction

The Comatose Patient, 2nd Edition

The Foundations of Bioethics, 2nd Edition **Essential Purchase**

The Neurology of Eye Movements, 5th Edition

The Practice of Emergency and Critical Care Neurology

 Triumph of Doubt: Dark Money and the Science of Deception **Essential Purchase**

The Vein Book, 2nd Edition