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Follow-up: the specialist’s perspective 

Follow-up: the specialist’s perspective
Follow-up: the specialist’s perspective
Acute Coronary Syndromes (Oxford Cardiology Library)

Peter Henriksen

and Nick Boon


There is no need for continuous follow-up of acute coronary syndrome patients.

At least one follow-up appointment is helpful to ensure that:

any ongoing symptoms are addressed.

plans are in place to manage any residual disease not treated at the time of the index event.

optimum anti-thrombotic therapy is prescribed.

all cardiovascular risk factors are addressed as far as possible.

Includes exercise if at all possible because of proven benefits which may include molecular remodelling in diseased arteries.

The clinic letter should list all current medications and describe clearly any proposed changes, together with any plans for further investigation or treatment.

On discharge from the clinic, the patient should be advised on what to do in the event of recurrent or worsening symptoms.

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