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Collaborative Psychosocial Oncology Care Models 

Collaborative Psychosocial Oncology Care Models
Collaborative Psychosocial Oncology Care Models
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Jesse R. Fann

and Jennifer Sexton


This chapter describes the application of the collaborative care model to integrate psychosocial care into the cancer setting. It describes the evolution of the collaborative care approach over the past 20 years and its advantages within the context of recent health care reform. Collaborative care comprises systematic identification of need, integrated delivery of care by care managers, appropriate specialist supervision, and the stepping of care based on systematic measurement of outcomes. Trials of this approach to the management of depression and pain in patients with cancer have found it to be both feasible to deliver and effective. The chapter discusses how the components of collaborative care can be used to overcome patient-, provider-, and institution-level challenges in providing psychosocial care in diverse oncology settings. It concludes by proposing practical steps for developing an integrated psychosocial oncology service based on the principles of collaborative care.

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