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Training Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Psycho-Oncology 

Training Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Psycho-Oncology
Training Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Psycho-Oncology
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Michael A. Hoge

and Andrew J. Roth


This chapter provides an overview of the training of psychiatrists and psychologists in psycho-oncology. Psychosomatic medicine and health psychology are described as specialties within which psycho-oncologists from these two disciplines are trained. Major trends in training are identified, including a greater emphasis on developing skills in ambulatory settings, as well as increased focus on survivors’ health and well-being and the needs of family caregivers. Training goals, core competencies, and teaching models in psycho-oncology are described, with examples from nationally recognized training programs. Interdisciplinary resources available to support training are identified, including online curricula, handbooks, and textbooks. While the models for training psycho-oncologists have become more advanced, the number of training programs and graduates remains small. The authors conclude that expanding the number of professionals skilled in psycho-oncology may be accomplished, in part, by embedding and expanding training for this specialty within general psychosomatic residencies and health psychology internships and fellowships.

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