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The Older Patient 

The Older Patient
The Older Patient
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Barbara Given

and Charles W. Given


With the aging of the population and cancer as the second leading cause of death, it is imperativeto understand cancer in the elderly and how to ensure optimal treatment and care to support quality of life. Given this growing population, an understanding of theunique facets related to aging will ensure the provision of high-quality cancer care. The psychosocial support for older adults considers the comorbid conditions, the cancer, the cancer treatment, and side effects. A detailed comprehensive geriatric assessment is critical to identify needs for individual patient-centered care. From that point, the psychosocial areas can be used to plan care. This chapter outlines those psychosocial areas to be considered for the older adult. Some of the areas are common for all ages, but other areas of psychosocial care are specific to the older patient. Psychosocial interventions are then described.

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