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Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga for Cancer Patients 

Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga for Cancer Patients
Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga for Cancer Patients
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Linda E. Carlson


This chapter describes approaches to meditation and yoga interventions in cancer care, and summarizes the literature in these areas. There has been an exponential growth in interest and research in these areas and many high-quality studies have now been published. Mindfulness-based interventions remain the most popular form of meditation program; research shows benefits on outcomes ranging from anxiety, depression, stress, and quality of life to biomarkers such as cortisol levels. Yoga interventions are also popular and usually incorporate elements of restorative or therapeutic yoga. These programs have also proven beneficial for treating similar symptoms in randomized controlled trials compared to other active interventions. Most research has been conducted during the survivorship phase in women with breast cancer; hence more research with participants who have other types of cancers, including men and people with advanced disease, as well as studies during active treatment and exploring alternative delivery models, would be beneficial.

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