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Cross-Cultural Considerations in Screening and Assessment 

Cross-Cultural Considerations in Screening and Assessment
Cross-Cultural Considerations in Screening and Assessment
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Luigi Grassi

, Maria Giulia Nanni

, Kristine A. Donovan

, and Paul B. Jacobsen


In a rapidly changing world, with immigration phenomena that make many countries multiethnic and multicultural, understanding the ways in which culture may influence a patient’s psychological response to cancer is extremely important. Matters that warrant attention include not only a patient’s or family’s coping styles but the doctor-patient relationship and the actual provision of psychosocial care. This chapter takes into consideration some of the issues related to the role of culture and cross-cultural variables in the process of screening for and assessing psychosocial needs and psychological disorders in cancer patients. Particular attention is given to the translation and validation of psychosocial tools used with patients from different cultural backgrounds and to teaching cultural competence to clinicians who treat cancer patients belonging to different cultural backgrounds.

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