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Screening and Assessment for Cognitive Problems 

Screening and Assessment for Cognitive Problems
Screening and Assessment for Cognitive Problems
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

James C. Root

, Elizabeth Ryan

, and Tim A. Ahles


This chapter discusses the uses and utility of cognitive screening measures in assessing cancer and cancer-associated cognitive dysfunction (CACD) in survivors. CACD is an increasingly recognized phenomenon in cancer survivorship. While initially predominantly studied in breast cancer survivors, more recent research has documented similar cognitive changes in individuals undergoing treatment for other primary cancers. Initially believed to be due to chemotherapy agents and potential neurotoxic effects, multiple treatment modalities and physiologic responses to treatment are increasingly being identified as potential contributors to cognitive difficulties in a subset of patients. Briefly, the chapter provides a general overview on cognitive screening measures, their sensitivity and specificity in detecting subtle as well as moderate to severe cognitive dysfunction, limitations of the use of screening measures in CACD, and finally the need for comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation in CACD, and recommended cognitive measures.

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