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Neuropsychological Impact of Cancer and Cancer Treatments 

Neuropsychological Impact of Cancer and Cancer Treatments
Neuropsychological Impact of Cancer and Cancer Treatments
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Tim A. Ahles

, Charissa Andreotti

, and Denise D. Correa


Increasing research has focused on cognitive changes associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Patients with cancer of the central nervous system often experience cognitive dysfunction as a result of the tumor and its treatment, including surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. As effective treatment interventions have increased survival, the relevance of including cognitive evaluations as outcome variables in neuro-oncology research has been recognized. A growing body of evidence has documented declines in cognitive abilities in individuals diagnosed with and treated for non-CNS cancer, including breast and prostate cancer, although the bulk of the research has been done with breast cancer patients/survivors. The goals of this chapter are to review the phenomenon of cancer-related cognitive dysfunction and include a model for a multifactorial etiology, common assessment tools, as well as currently used methods of treatment and management.

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