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Breast Cancer 

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Tish Knobf


There have been many advances in understanding the biology of breast cancer, new approaches for diagnosis, identification of tests for predicting prognosis and treatment decision-making, and changes in primary and adjuvant therapies, all of which contribute to the complexity of the experience and influence a woman’s decision-making process and psychosocial adjustment to the diagnosis and treatment. More widespread genetic risk testing, routine use of oncotyping, increased utilization of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), dramatic rise in prophylactic mastectomy, advances in reconstructive surgery, identification and management of TNBC, changes in the surgical management of the axilla, identification of genetic alterations for targeted therapies, and a greater role for neo-adjuvant therapy are salient examples of the dynamic changes over the past decade that impact a woman’s experience.

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