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Emerging International Directions for Psychosocial Care 

Emerging International Directions for Psychosocial Care
Emerging International Directions for Psychosocial Care
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Jeff Dunn

, Barry D. Bultz

, and Maggie Watson


The development of psycho-oncology as a discipline and the critical challenges it faces into the future are necessarily situated in the local, national, and global context of cancer. This context includes dramatic increases in the cancer burden, parallel with advances in cancer detection and treatment, changes in social and community, development of cancer policy and advocacy, increases in health costs and parallel fiscal constraints, and demands for translation of research as evidence of social benefit. The principles of psycho-oncology remain focused on the psychological response of patients and families members to cancer as well as the psychological, behavioral, and social factors that influence risk, detection, survival, and quality of life. However, as research has expanded the knowledge base of the field, attention must turn to translation of that knowledge into practice and to advocacy on an international scale to secure psychosocial care as an integral part of quality cancer care.

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