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Prostate Cancer Screening 

Prostate Cancer Screening
Prostate Cancer Screening
Psycho-Oncology (3 ed.)

Ronald E. Myers

, Amy Leader

, Melissa DiCarlo

, Charnita Zeigler-Johnson

, and Edouard Trabulsi


After being introduced in the early 1990s, the use of prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing to screen for prostate cancer became a common part of primary care practice in the United States. Findings from recent randomized trials and changes in screening guidelines, however, have raised questions about whether and under what circumstances prostate cancer screening should be offered to asymptomatic older adult men. Concerns about over-diagnosis and treatment-related side effects have shaped current guidelines, which emphasize the importance of shared decision-making before screening is offered. The guidelines are not uniform, however, with respect to age, race, and family history, the most salient risk factors for the disease. Increasing attention is being devoted to the use of decision support interventions to help patients and their physicians deal with screening and follow-up. This chapter describes screening guidelines; provides information on screening, risk assessment, and decision support; and suggests directions for future research.

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