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Straight from Crooked Wood 

Straight from Crooked Wood
Straight from Crooked Wood
The Abraham Dilemma: A divine delusion

George Graham


This chapter is about therapy and clinical intervention in cases of spiritual or religious delusion. The Five Factor Conception (FFC) is compatible with multiple types of psychotherapy, including types of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Special attention is given to Paul Tillich’s notion of ultimate concern and to its potential relevance to construction or recovery of religious mental health. Cultural variations in religious delusion are compatible with the FFC. The FFC can recognize various religious rituals as adjunctive forms of help in recovery. People who are positive religious exemplars or role models may also contribute to a person’s spiritual health. The more one discusses the distinction between delusory and non-delusory religious attitudes, the more one should come to recognize both the importance to mental health and the vulnerability to mental disorder of human spirituality.

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