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Spiritual Sense and Sensibility 

Spiritual Sense and Sensibility
Spiritual Sense and Sensibility
The Abraham Dilemma: A divine delusion

George Graham


Human spiritual sense and religious sensibility is neither restricted to theism nor necessarily aimed at something supernatural. To fit common uses of the terms “spiritual” and “religious,” it is best to think of the spiritual or religious, when positive, as dealing with something transcendent; something that lies not only outside the narrow confines of the ego or self, but contributes prudentially and morally to a well lived life. Theism arguably lacks suitable empirical constraints. Theism, however, may still possess pragmatic or moral and prudential merit. The concept of a Hyperactive Agency Detection Device (HADD) is adopted from the cognitive science of religion to help to explain the naturalness of believing in God. Two types of possible warrant for theism are outlined, the one epistemic, the other pragmatic.

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