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The ACoRN Process 

The ACoRN Process
The ACoRN Process
ACoRN: Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns: A Resource and Learning Tool for Health Care Professionals (2 edn)

The ACoRN process chapter shows how ACoRN works, step by step. ACoRN’s goal is to identify and manage the unwell or at-risk newborn at, or very soon after, birth or resuscitation. Nine key steps in the ACoRN process are explained, assessing the requirement for resuscitation, followed by 8 systems-based chapters and Sequences (a system-based algorithm for care): respiratory, cardiovascular, neurology, surgical conditions, fluid and glucose, jaundice, thermoregulation, and infection. The ACoRN mnemonic determines the structure of the chapter: alerting signs, core steps, organization of care, response, next steps, and specific diagnosis and management. Essential components, such as the ACoRN Primary Survey, the Sequence, the prioritized Problem List, and the Level of Risk, are described. Diagrams and examples illustrate this process, and the first case scenario shows when and why stabilization should be initiated.

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