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No Urine Output 

No Urine Output
No Urine Output
Acute Care Casebook

Alison Rodger


The chapter describes a case of acute urinary retention to illustrate the clinical approach to anuria. It reviews the differential diagnosis and initial work up for anuria considering prerenal, renal, and postrenal etiologies. This work up includes serum chemistry, urinalysis, urine culture, urine electrolytes, urine creatinine, urine osmolality, and bedside bladder ultrasound. It discusses the causes of acute urinary retention including neurologic, obstructive, infectious, inflammatory, medication induced, or traumatic causes, and also illustrates the management of acute urinary retention..Urethral catheterization to decompress the bladder is the first-line treatment for acute urinary retention, which is followed by treatment of the underlying cause or causes.

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