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Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest 

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Acute Care Casebook

Erik Rueckmann


The management of out-of-hospital, atraumatic cardiac arrest has changed over the past decade. This case details the evidence-based changes in care that optimize the chance of neurologically intact survival. The key factors include immediate, continuous, high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation with minimal interruptions, early defibrillation, and the use of capnography to assess resuscitative efforts. The orchestration of resuscitative efforts is a bundle of care that must all be met to provide the patient the best chance of survival. Furthermore, this case illustrates the key points of postarrest care and touches on termination of resuscitation. This chapter examines the case of emergency medical services call for an unresponsive patient in cardiac arrest on arrival.

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