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Fall with Syncope 

Fall with Syncope
Fall with Syncope
Acute Care Casebook

Christopher J. Fullagar


Syncope has a number of worrisome potential etiologies and often prompts a basic life support (BLS) emergency medical services (EMS) crew to call for advanced life support (ALS). Pain management may be another valid reason to call for ALS. EMS, and emergency medicine in general, is tasked with evaluating and mitigating the most worrisome causes of a patient’s presentations even if those causes are not necessarily the most likely. ALS is indicated for many patients who have suffered a syncopal episode although astute BLS assessment and intervention may be all that are indicated in certain cases. The importance of BLS care is often minimized or overlooked in EMS but can have a significant effect on patient care if well implemented. The case demonstrates how well-applied BLS effectively managed this patient presenting with syncope and a painful fracture.

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