Acute Care Casebook

Acute Care Casebook

Bret P. Nelson

Print publication date: Nov 2018

ISBN: 9780190865412

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Acute Care Casebook provides a case-based approach to the broad practice of acute care medicine, covering a variety of common patient presentations and clinical environments. This book features over 70 illustrated cases, including presentations of trauma and medical illness in wilderness medicine, military and prehospital environments, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and intensive care unit and floor emergencies. Designed for students and trainees in medicine, nursing, emergency medical services, and other acute care specialties, this text guides readers through not only symptom evaluation and treatment but also the thought process and priorities of experienced clinicians. Each chapter features key diagnoses and management pearls from leading experts that will help prepare readers for any event, from stabilizing and transporting a trauma patient in the field, to managing postoperative complications in the intensive care unit.

Table of Contents