Acute Pain Medicine

Acute Pain Medicine

Chester C. Buckenmaier, Michael Kent, Jason C. Brookman, Patrick J. Tighe, Edward R. Mariano, and David Edwards

Print publication date: Apr 2019

ISBN: 9780190856649

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Acute Pain Medicine tackles a large array of diagnostic and treatment consideration across a variety of surgical and nonsurgical acute pain conditions. It reviews a variety of acute pain–modulating factors followed by interventional and pharmacologic treatment options. For each applicable condition, perineural and neuraxial considerations are given when appropriate along with nociceptive anatomic complements. Pharmacologic modalities are described, stressing the use of multimodal analgesia and a variety of opioid-based options if necessary. The book reviews cases that commonly are associated with significant acute pain but also highlight the role of acute pain medicine physicians in the postdischarge phase. Finally, the book includes a critical update of the Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia handbook. This update serves as an essential bedside tool in the performance of regional anesthetic techniques and their corresponding anatomic considerations.

Table of Contents