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In-Hospital Stroke 

In-Hospital Stroke
In-Hospital Stroke
Acute Stroke Management in the First 24 Hours: A Practical Guide for Clinicians

Noella J. Cypress West

and Maxim Mokin


The term “in-hospital stroke” (also referred to as “inpatient stroke”) describes acute stroke occurring while a patient is already in the hospital for another diagnosis. Research data on in-hospital strokes is limited in comparison to community-onset strokes that present through the Emergency Department (ED). In-hospital strokes are less likely to receive intravenous thrombolysis and have more significant delays in treatment than those that present from the community through the ED. This chapter discusses the development of education for staff in the recognition of stroke symptoms, rapid assessment, and notification of key personnel for efficient treatment of in-patient stroke based on the previously published literature and available resources.

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